how to speed-climb highest mountains

It takes at least two weeks for the average expedition to climb and descend Mt. Denali in Alaska. Kilian Jornet Burgada’s record-breaking time? 11 hours, 48 minutes. The 30-year-old Spaniard is famous for blowing past previous records almost every time he summits a mountain. What is even more incredible is that many of his toughest climbs, including a 26-hour summit of Mt. Everest, are accomplished without the use of supplemental oxygen. While other mountaineers spend a few nights sleeping on the faces of the world’s steepest ascents, Burgada briskly jogs up 30+ degree ridges, GoPro in hand, in an average workday.

The mini-doc below shows Burgada and the similarly accomplished sky-mountaineer Emelie Forsberg preparing for a new superhuman feat: acclimatizing to and ascending a 26,000ft mountain in two weeks. While their new methods of at-home acclimation should be helpful to any aspiring record-breaker, it seems that the most important secret to Burgada’s speed is simply being Burgada.

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