Is Your Work Right for Patreon?


When I started a Patreon, it was an incredibly scary time, and yet I was full of hope. I had considered creating a Patreon for more than a year, always in the back of my mind as something that would be cool to do someday. A place where my favorite stories could live behind a paywall, delivered to my readers who loved them the most.

When COVID hit and my income toppled off a cliff, I knew there was no time to waste — I had to start a Patreon NOW. And I’m so grateful. My Patreon has become one of the most important parts of my business. It’s the place where I write the travel stories that inspire me deeply. It’s a community filled with my most ardent supporters. It’s a reliable source of monthly income.

Patreon is a platform where creators of all kinds publish bonus content behind a paywall for their biggest fans. It’s an ideal place to share content that doesn’t make money in an obvious way.

In the past few months, SO many creators have started Patreons, especially people whose incomes were heavily impacted by COVID (hello, travel industry). But some do better with it than others.

Rue Montorgueil in Paris, lined with food shops and people walking down the street. In front is a shop with a bright yellow awning.

Is Patreon right for you?

Since I’ve started Patreon consulting, helping people build better Patreons, I’ve dived deep into different Patreon profiles to see what works and what doesn’t. Soon you grow to notice patterns in who tends to do better on Patreon.

Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t line up with who has the most followers, or who has the most staff, or who earns the most money.

Patreon, at its heart, is about an exchange — you support a creator with your money, and in return, you get to enjoy bonus creations and feel like you’re involved in the creation, making it possible for the creation to happen in the first place.

Here are some examples of types of creators who do particularly well on Patreon:

Kate poses with three of her readers in Savannah, Georgia.
What I love most about my work is meeting readers in cool places — like Savannah!

You have a strong relationship with your fans.

Some creators tailor their work to the masses, creating work that they think will eventually draw a large audience. Other creators create the work that moves them personally, knowing that the right people will find and enjoy it.

What makes more money? Judging by the landscape in many creative niches, the former is what pays more, and that’s why many money-driven creators trend in that direction.

But if you build a small, passionate community with a shared interest, and you’re able to be personal, show vulnerability, and bond with others over what you have in common, you’ve built a community that will invest in you because they love you, the person.

Who does well with this method on Patreon? Black Girl Nerds. Creator Jamie Broadnax has built a community for women of color interested in all aspects of geekery and pop culture. Women and especially women of color are overlooked when it comes to paid opportunities in the geek scene, and the Patreon allows her to earn from her community directly.

A view from above over Tokyo with lots of skyscrapers, in a pink sky.
Infrequent, high-quality work is like Japan. Expensive, tough to do often, but unlike anywhere else.

You create infrequent, high-quality work.

I have a friend who is a popular YouTube creator and makes gorgeous, incredible videos. The videos take a long time to produce and don’t come out very often. But even with more than 100,000 subscribers, many of them die-hard fans, my friend’s videos don’t earn enough from YouTube ads to live off it full-time.

You know what DOES make a lot of money with YouTube ads? Daily vlogging. An endless stream of new videos, regardless of quality. But if you’re creating a new vlog each day, or five times per week, it’s not going to be on the same level of quality as a video you spent weeks perfecting.

This doesn’t just apply to YouTubers. This applies to Etsy creators who only unveil new designs once per quarter, bloggers who struggle to get up one new post per month, podcasters who spend weeks putting together their episodes before going live.

It’s tough to earn a living when you produce high-quality but infrequent work online. But Patreon is a way to earn more — you’ve been producing content of such high quality that you have an audience who love you and will gladly pay money to get bonus or behind-the-scenes content.

Who does well with this method on Patreon? Wait But Why. These artists create the popular stick-figure comics that you see all over social media on a regular basis (which obviously earns them nothing). But people LOVE their comics and are eager to support them. This gives them a way to earn a living from their work while producing at a pace that allows them to maintain quality.

A domed church-like building in the distance in Bucharest, a street with sidewalk cafes in the foreground.
Commercially inviable work is like Bucharest. Interesting, but a hard sell to the masses.

Your creative work isn’t commercially viable.

Some people create super-niche work that doesn’t appeal to the mass market, and thus struggles to drive huge numbers, but is eagerly consumed by the right kind of fan. If this is the kind of work you do, Patreon is where you should be.

Amanda Palmer, solo artist and formerly of the Dresden Dolls, is the epitome of this kind of creator. She famously broke up with her record company to go independent, having a community of dedicated followers she had cultivated for years.

Palmer made history being the first musician to hit $1,000,000 on Kickstarter (and she had a goal of $100,000!). Roughly 25,000 people donated. Previously to that, she sold 25,000 copies of her latest album and her label told her she was a commercial failure.

But on Patreon, Palmer is able to earn from songs and videos from topics her label refused to touch, like abortion, miscarriage, grief, and the dark side of parenthood. Her fans love it.

By the way, Palmer’s book The Art of Asking is a must-read for Patreon creators, Kickstarter funders, and anyone who makes a living creatively and has an audience. I guarantee it will make you think differently about creating for a living.

A tiny zodiac boat filled with around 15 passengers in front of a giant ice shape, bluish-white, in Antarctica.
Work that wouldn’t earn much is like Antarctica. Hugely inspirational, but tough to drive sales.

Your creative work wouldn’t earn much in the traditional way.

If you publish books in the traditional sense — through a publisher or even self-published — chances are you will earn around $1-2 per book sold. Which is the reason why most authors aren’t able to make a full-time living off writing books alone. Even a hugely successful author like Roxane Gay earns most of her money from events, not book sales.

Sure, writing a bestseller is life-changing — but what if your book is simply a modest success? How do you make it worth your time investment?

Enter Patreon. Patreon lets you charge either per month or per creation, and a lot of authors choose the “per creation” model for a short form of work, like an essay, chapter, or story.

My favorite example of this kind of Patreon creator is Tefler, a sci-fi author. If Tefler wrote books, he wouldn’t earn enough to live off it full-time. But on his Patreon, most of his patrons pay $1-2 per chapter.

Tefler had a goal of earning $1,500 per chapter, after which he’d be able to quit his job. Well, he hit that and exceeded that four times over, now earning more than $6,000 per chapter!

A similar high earner is Seanan McGuire, a short story author. Many of McGuire’s stories are included in anthologies, which is not high-paying work by any stretch. Today she charges most of her patrons $1 or $2 per short story, and earns a whopping $14,000 per story!

I know — these are big numbers, numbers that most creators won’t hit. But imagine what a difference it could make regularly earning around $500 whenever you deliver a creation.

Kate and several Indonesian girlfriends, most dressed in white dresses, at a beach party labeled BEACH CLUB AND GRILL.
Non-sponsored, non-SEO content is like travel stories. It’s fun and entertaining, but won’t earn at all.

You HATE sponsored content, SEO, and spending your time on marketing.

I remember the halcyon days of 2010 in the travel blogging world, a time of unbridled creativity. Of course, we were broke-ass-broke back then — the only real money to be had was from selling text links, or a bit of Google AdSense — but because of that, we wrote blog posts to entertain people, not to make money.

By 2016 or so, everything had shifted enormously — soon every travel blogger was writing posts designed for SEO, display ads, and affiliate sales. And some of my favorite bloggers who had inspired me for years abandoned storytelling completely in favor of general guide posts. That still hurts today.

To be completely honest, this has been one of my biggest internal battles over the past decade — the careful balance of creating work I love, work that I’m proud of, work that you guys will love, but also earning a living while facing more competition and algorithm changes.

So far I’ve done it by alternating moneymaking posts with creative posts and trying to add personality wherever I can to guide-type posts. In short, I was working extremely hard but not efficiently enough.

That’s a huge reason why I started my Patreon. It gives me a space to write those travel stories that I enjoy writing so much — privately, to a small audience who loves those stories and supports me each month so they can read them.

Another creator like this whom I support on Patreon is Never Ending Footsteps, one of my favorite travel bloggers, who has long been vocal about her dislike for sponsored and SEO’d content. I love her travel stories and I’m happy to send money her way each month if it helps her create those stories. (She has paused her Patreon temporarily; I look forward to her return.)

A woman in a white dress standing on a cliff and taking a picture of the beach in Bronte, Sydney. The water is bright turquoise and the sky is pale blue streaked with clouds.

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154.986 5.06348 155.758 5.06348C156.53 5.06348 156.712 5.46997 156.712 5.98857C156.712 6.47905 156.516 6.91365 155.758 6.91365ZM142.441 12.9304V9.32833L141.415 9.32323V8.90392C141.415 8.44719 141.786 8.07758 142.244 8.07986L142.441 8.08095V6.55306L144.082 6.09057V8.08073H145.569V8.50416C145.569 8.61242 145.548 8.71961 145.506 8.81961C145.465 8.91961 145.404 9.01047 145.328 9.08699C145.251 9.16351 145.16 9.2242 145.06 9.26559C144.96 9.30698 144.853 9.32826 144.745 9.32822H144.082V12.7201C144.082 13.2423 144.378 13.4256 144.76 13.4887C145.209 13.5629 145.583 13.888 145.583 14.343V14.9626C144.029 14.9626 142.441 14.8942 142.441 12.9304Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M110.058 7.92554C108.417 7.88344 106.396 8.92062 106.396 11.5137C106.396 14.0646 108.417 15.0738 110.058 15.0318C111.742 15.0738 113.748 14.0646 113.748 11.5137C113.748 8.92062 111.742 7.88344 110.058 7.92554ZM110.07 13.7586C108.878 13.7586 108.032 12.8905 108.032 11.461C108.032 10.1013 108.878 9.20569 110.071 9.20569C111.263 9.20569 112.101 10.0995 112.101 11.459C112.101 12.8887 111.263 13.7586 110.07 13.7586Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M118.06 7.94098C119.491 7.94098 120.978 8.33337 120.978 11.1366V14.893H120.063C119.608 14.893 119.238 14.524 119.238 14.0689V10.9965C119.238 9.66506 118.747 9.16047 117.891 9.16047C117.414 9.16047 116.797 9.52486 116.502 9.81915V14.069C116.502 14.1773 116.481 14.2845 116.44 14.3845C116.398 14.4845 116.337 14.5753 116.261 14.6519C116.184 14.7284 116.093 14.7891 115.993 14.8305C115.893 14.8719 115.786 14.8931 115.678 14.8931H114.847V8.10918H115.773C115.932 8.10914 116.087 8.16315 116.212 8.26242C116.337 8.36168 116.424 8.50033 116.46 8.65577C116.881 8.19328 117.428 7.94098 118.06 7.94098ZM122.854 8.09713C123.024 8.09708 123.19 8.1496 123.329 8.2475C123.468 8.34541 123.574 8.48391 123.631 8.64405L125.133 12.8486L126.635 8.64415C126.692 8.48402 126.798 8.34551 126.937 8.2476C127.076 8.1497 127.242 8.09718 127.412 8.09724H128.598L126.152 14.3567C126.091 14.5112 125.986 14.6439 125.849 14.7374C125.711 14.831 125.549 14.881 125.383 14.8809H124.333L121.668 8.09713H122.854Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M135.085 14.5514C134.566 14.7616 133.513 15.0416 132.418 15.0416C130.496 15.0416 129.024 13.9345 129.024 11.4396C129.024 9.19701 130.451 7.99792 132.191 7.99792C134.338 7.99792 135.254 9.4378 135.158 11.3979C135.139 11.8029 134.786 12.0983 134.38 12.0983H130.679C130.763 13.1916 131.562 13.7662 132.615 13.7662C133.028 13.7662 133.462 13.7452 133.983 13.6481C134.535 13.545 135.085 13.9375 135.085 14.4985V14.5514ZM133.673 10.949C133.785 9.87621 133.061 9.28752 132.191 9.28752C131.321 9.28752 130.734 9.93979 130.679 10.9489L133.673 10.949Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M137.345 8.11122C137.497 8.11118 137.645 8.16229 137.765 8.25635C137.884 8.35041 137.969 8.48197 138.005 8.62993C138.566 8.20932 139.268 7.94303 139.759 7.94303C139.801 7.94303 140.068 7.94303 140.489 7.99913V8.7265C140.489 9.11748 140.15 9.4147 139.759 9.4147C139.31 9.4147 138.651 9.5829 138.131 9.8773V14.8951H136.462V8.11112L137.345 8.11122ZM156.6 14.0508V8.09104H155.769C155.314 8.09104 154.944 8.45999 154.944 8.9151V14.8748H155.775C156.23 14.8748 156.6 14.5058 156.6 14.0508ZM158.857 12.9447V9.34254H157.749V8.91912C157.749 8.46401 158.118 8.09506 158.574 8.09506H158.857V6.56739L160.499 6.10479V8.09506H161.986V8.51848C161.986 8.97359 161.617 9.34254 161.161 9.34254H160.499V12.7345C160.499 13.2566 160.795 13.44 161.177 13.503C161.626 13.5774 162 13.9024 162 14.3574V14.977C160.446 14.977 158.857 14.9086 158.857 12.9447ZM98.1929 10.1124C98.2033 6.94046 100.598 5.16809 102.895 5.16809C104.171 5.16809 105.342 5.44285 106.304 6.12953L105.914 6.6631C105.654 7.02011 105.16 7.16194 104.749 6.99949C104.169 6.7702 103.622 6.7218 103.215 6.7218C101.335 6.7218 99.9169 7.92849 99.9068 10.1123C99.9169 12.2959 101.335 13.5201 103.215 13.5201C103.622 13.5201 104.169 13.4717 104.749 13.2424C105.16 13.0799 105.654 13.2046 105.914 13.5615L106.304 14.0952C105.342 14.7819 104.171 15.0566 102.895 15.0566C100.598 15.0566 98.2033 13.2842 98.1929 10.1124ZM147.619 5.21768C148.074 5.21768 148.444 5.58663 148.444 6.04174V9.81968L151.82 5.58131C151.897 5.47733 151.997 5.39282 152.112 5.3346C152.227 5.27638 152.355 5.24607 152.484 5.24611H153.984L150.166 10.0615L153.984 14.8749H152.484C152.355 14.8749 152.227 14.8446 152.112 14.7864C151.997 14.7281 151.897 14.6436 151.82 14.5397L148.444 10.3025V14.0508C148.444 14.5059 148.074 14.8749 147.619 14.8749H146.746V5.21768H147.619Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M0.773438 6.5752H2.68066C3.56543 6.5752 4.2041 6.7041 4.59668 6.96191C4.99219 7.21973 5.18994 7.62695 5.18994 8.18359C5.18994 8.55859 5.09326 8.87061 4.8999 9.11963C4.70654 9.36865 4.42822 9.52539 4.06494 9.58984V9.63379C4.51611 9.71875 4.84717 9.88721 5.05811 10.1392C5.27197 10.3882 5.37891 10.7266 5.37891 11.1543C5.37891 11.7314 5.17676 12.1841 4.77246 12.5122C4.37109 12.8374 3.81152 13 3.09375 13H0.773438V6.5752ZM1.82373 9.22949H2.83447C3.27393 9.22949 3.59473 9.16064 3.79688 9.02295C3.99902 8.88232 4.1001 8.64502 4.1001 8.31104C4.1001 8.00928 3.99023 7.79102 3.77051 7.65625C3.55371 7.52148 3.20801 7.4541 2.7334 7.4541H1.82373V9.22949ZM1.82373 10.082V12.1167H2.93994C3.37939 12.1167 3.71045 12.0332 3.93311 11.8662C4.15869 11.6963 4.27148 11.4297 4.27148 11.0664C4.27148 10.7324 4.15723 10.4849 3.92871 10.3237C3.7002 10.1626 3.35303 10.082 2.88721 10.082H1.82373Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M13.011 6.5752V10.7324C13.011 11.207 12.9084 11.623 12.7034 11.9805C12.5012 12.335 12.2068 12.6089 11.8201 12.8022C11.4363 12.9927 10.9763 13.0879 10.4402 13.0879C9.6433 13.0879 9.02368 12.877 8.5813 12.4551C8.13892 12.0332 7.91772 11.4531 7.91772 10.7148V6.5752H8.9724V10.6401C8.9724 11.1704 9.09546 11.5615 9.34155 11.8135C9.58765 12.0654 9.96557 12.1914 10.4753 12.1914C11.4656 12.1914 11.9607 11.6714 11.9607 10.6313V6.5752H13.011Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M15.9146 13V6.5752H16.9649V13H15.9146Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M19.9255 13V6.5752H20.9758V12.0991H23.696V13H19.9255Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M28.2828 13H27.2325V7.47607H25.3428V6.5752H30.1724V7.47607H28.2828V13Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M41.9472 13H40.8046L39.7148 9.16796C39.6679 9.00097 39.6093 8.76074 39.539 8.44727C39.4687 8.13086 39.4262 7.91113 39.4116 7.78809C39.3823 7.97559 39.3339 8.21875 39.2665 8.51758C39.2021 8.81641 39.1479 9.03905 39.1039 9.18554L38.0405 13H36.8979L36.0673 9.7832L35.2236 6.5752H36.2958L37.2143 10.3193C37.3578 10.9199 37.4604 11.4502 37.5219 11.9102C37.5541 11.6611 37.6025 11.3828 37.6669 11.0752C37.7314 10.7676 37.79 10.5186 37.8427 10.3281L38.8886 6.5752H39.9301L41.0024 10.3457C41.1049 10.6943 41.2133 11.2158 41.3276 11.9102C41.3715 11.4912 41.477 10.958 41.644 10.3105L42.558 6.5752H43.6215L41.9472 13Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M45.7957 13V6.5752H46.846V13H45.7957Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath d=’M52.0258 13H50.9755V7.47607H49.0859V6.5752H53.9155V7.47607H52.0258V13Z’ fill=’%23373F45’/%3E%3Cpath 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    Blue boats in a small harbor with white buildings on one side in Monopoli, Italy.

    Start thinking about this.

    I don’t expect you to decide on whether to run a Patreon today — but I think you should start thinking about it. This could be a game-changer for you.

    Until then, I encourage you to keep creating without fear. Make more of the work that breaks the rules. Make more of the work that leaves you ecstatic. Make more of the work that sets you on fire.

    Are you wondering if Patreon is right for you? Comment here or email me and I’d be happy to help you out.

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