New Disney World announcements


Some pretty exciting developments are coming to Disney World, with new major announcements about fan-favorite franchises. The past few months have seen some major changes at Disney, with the unveiling of the new Star Wars Park features and speculation abounding about additional parks and experiences. Now, at Disney’s D23 exhibition and on their blog, they’re spilling the beans about everything coming down the pike.

Photo: Disney Parks

According to the Disney Parks blog, the reported Star Wars hotel now has an official name: the “Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser” hotel, with guests checking into a ship called the Halcyon. During your stay, you’ll interact with franchise characters and even participate in plotlines that develop during the course of your visit.

Photo: Disney Parks

Fans of Moana will be able to look forward to a new experience at Epcot called the “Journey of Water.” Disney hasn’t released many detailed about this except to say that guests will be able to “interact with magical, living water in a beautiful and inspiring setting.”

One of the most exciting new developments, however, might be the Avengers Campus. The Campus reportedly takes guests on a journey around the world, through cities like Paris, California, and Hong Kong, with the Avengers recruiting guests to join them. Like the other announcements, exact details on the new hero-themed land are scarce, but that just gives us something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Since D23 is still underway, expect more news and developments to be released soon.

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