4 sports that should be in olympics


From race-walking to dressage, there are a lot of events that seem a little dated and lacking in a fan base to still be in the Olympics. Meanwhile, there are hordes of professionalized sports just waiting for their chance to show the world that they deserve a place next to the 100-meter dash. Some, like the speed-climbing coming to Tokyo in 2020, are extensions of familiar ground. Others are a whole new awesome thing.

Great Big Story recently showcased four unusual and popular sports (double dutch, paragliding, foosball, and putt-putt golf) that straight-up need to be in the Olympics. Just think about how awesome any of these would be at the Olympic level: cities competing to build the wildest and most challenging 18-hole putt-putt courses in the world, double dutch matches featuring the freshest beats off the pop charts, foosball players sent to the hospital after getting an eye knocked out by the sports world’s smallest ball, and paragliders zipping between skyscrapers to land in the middle of an arena. Beats the triple jump.